Meet Me & My Family


It all started when…

I went to watch some firefighters workout one weekend at the 2011 Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge in San Diego, CA! I met my now husband on June 4, 2011 and we have been inseparable since, except for all the days away as a Firefighter. We got married in October 2013 in Modesto, Ca and had our first daughter in November 2014. The motherhood transition with her was great! I started to slip into a bit of a funk around the 4 month mark but was able to get more sunshine and some basic fitness started which helped me a ton. Fast forward to December 2016 when my second daughter was born and my world was rocked. I had a cesarean section that I was in no way prepared for and I suffered from the birth mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was disconnected from daughter and at times even resentful towards her. It has taken me just over 2 years but I am now working through the delivery with the help of mindfulness, connection, and therapy. We are now preparing for my third daughter who is due July 2019!